About RHP

International stakeholders

European Commission, USA, UNHCR and OSCE

A number of international stakeholders, i.e. the European Commission, the USA, the UNHCR and the OSCE have been providing strong support to Partner Countries in setting up the RHP from the outset of the initiative. By playing a key role in the governance and coordination structure, they contribute to close Donor oversight and strong operational coordination.

The European Commission is the main Donor to the RHP Fund. During the Donors' Conference held in Sarajevo in April 2012, the European Commission pledged EUR 230 million out of a total of EUR 261 million. Most of these funds are expected to be disbursed as investment subsidies for the Country Housing Projects. However, the contribution from the European Commission will also be used to fund, inter alia, the technical assistance, including support to Partner Country implementing structures, provided to the Partner Countries throughout the duration of the RHP as well as part of CEB’s RHP management cost.  The USA is also an important Donor to the RHP Fund, having pledged EUR 8 million during the Donors Conference. The European Commission and the USA are not only important Donors, they also closely monitor the progress of the RHP, in particular within the framework of the Technical Committee.

UNHCR and OSCE have been tasked with helping to identify eligible beneficiaries, monitoring their selection and ensuring that they receive adequate protection. As such, those institutions will play a crucial role in ensuring that the RHP effectively provides sustainable housing solutions to those refugees and displaced persons most in need. Finally, the European Commission, the UNHCR and the OSCE also facilitate operational coordination between all stakeholders by participating in the Regional Coordination Forum.


The CEB’s role within the framework of the RHP is threefold:

  • in its capacity as Fund Manager, the CEB is responsible for managing the fund, named Regional Housing Programme Fund ("RHP Fund"), which holds contributions from Donors in favour of the RHP. This role mainly entails managing the contributions received from Donors, providing administrative support to the RHP Fund’s governance bodies and reporting on activities undertaken
  • in its capacity as Finance Institution, the CEB assists the Partner Countries in preparing and implementing their Country Housing Projects, including pre-appraising grant requests, disbursing grants as well as monitoring the implementation of Country Housing Projects and the use of grants disbursed from RHP Fund resources to the Partner Countries (the "Grants"). As part of this role, the CEB also supervises the technical assistance, funded by the European Commission, that will be provided to the Partner Countries by a consultant throughout the lifetime of the RHP (the "Technical Assistance")
  • in its capacity as RHP Secretariat, the CEB facilitates coordination between the Partner Countries, the Donors, other international stakeholders and itself, during RHP preparation and implementation phases. This role entails providing administrative support to the RHP and the RHP Fund organs as well as ensuring that the RHP receives appropriate visibility.

To carry out the above-mentioned functions, CEB assembled a dedicated RHP team consisting of eight staff, which became fully operational in November 2012. This team comprises the following functions:

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